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Bela Team racquet

Bela Team racquet

SKU: 097512463843

The most playable paddle in Wilson's all-new Fernando Belasteguin collection, the Bela Team aims to upgrade your game and look the part while doing so. Top features include a woven fiberglass material for extra stability, an arrow pattern surface texture for increased spin and a slick design highlighted by infrared accents and Bela's signature. An inspirational story of overcoming injury and all odds to become one of the greatest players of all time, Bela seeks to inspire the untapped legend within you. Paddle includes wrist cord that features "A Belasteguin Never Gives Up" in his daughter's Spanish handwriting, a source of inspiration for Bela when he encountered his most challenging obstacles both on and off the court.


  • Balance 263 mm
  • Beam 38 mm
  • Core Type Core EVA
  • Head Size 84 sq in / 542 sq cm
  • Length 455 mm
  • Paddle Shape Diamond
  • Weight 370 g
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